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"Your classes were amazing. I learned a lot from them. I can't wait until the forensics class comes around."

“His knowledge and dedication to duty are second to none that I have seen and I would definitely prefer working with him as opposed to any others.”

“He easily becomes a key player in any group task that he operates in, and can direct the use of personnel and resources to achieve a successful outcome.”

"Jeremy brought a well rounded view to the material and shared other concepts that will definately apply as well as benefit the course material. He was really courteous and conscience of the students and always available for help, even at the end of long day. I really enjoyed and learned alot from the class. "

"I have learned so much from this class. Jeremy kept the class intresting from day 1 to the last day. He answered all my questions and I would strongly recommend my co-workers to attend his classes. He knows his info! "

"Jeremy Martin is one of the best instructors I have ever had. His ability to convey the material in a way that I can understand it and retain it was both surprising and welcome. Additionally, he made the material more relevant by giving real world examples. "

"Excellent course! Jeremy is very passionate about the topics of security and forensics, and he has a host of relevant real world anecdotes that make the class more interesting. He is patient with the students, and he is more than willing to answer all questions, as well as provide side-bar demonstrations that are relevant. "

• Publications
Book Publications:
Identity Theft: Understanding, Preventing, and Recovering from the Fastest Growing Crime. Compiled By Michael G. Solomon

Magazine Publications:
Blacklisted 411, Engine Builder,, Hackin9, Infosec Writers, IQ Magazine, SecurityDocs , Successful Dealer, Truck Parts & Service, The Business Espionage Report

Pod Casts:
Security Wire Weekly – 06/28/2006

Presentations & Speeches
- ChicagoCon 2008, 2009
- CIScon 2007, 2008
- FISC 2007
- MTSS 2006
- Denial of service attacks
- GLBA) compliance workshop
- How and Why malicious code works
- Risk assessment methodology
- Wireless Hacking (following NSA I332-008R-2005)
- Libby Montana - High technology and job opportunities (2004)

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